January 3rd, 2021 | Minimalist

Last night I had a profound though about my strategy in 2022.

This time last year, I was planning to do many things.

I have to give myself credit, I actually did almost everything I said I would do.

Worked on SEO. On my personal health. On eliminating single points of failure. On growing on audience. On multiple new experiments. On new products. On detaching myself from CyberLeads in order to be able to sell it. And much more.

I did a few things. And I did them pretty well.

This year I will do less. But better.

No more SEO. No more trying to turn it into a SaaS business. Just continue doing what is bringing in the best results, while eliminating what is not producing great results.

Knowledge is subtractive.

Do less. And do it better.

2022 is the year of minimalism.

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