December 18th, 2021 | Nothing is static

Crazy how tight my body is from the travel yesterday.

I had a 3 hour direct flight from Palermo to London. And it took me another 2 hours to get to my mother's place.

So I was sat down all this time. And then I didn’t have the time to work out because they had prepared dinner.

Then we sat and drank, eat and watched TV.

So all in all, all day hunched over sitting down.

I have been stretching in the morning every day for weeks now (after my personal trainer suggested it to me) to combat and catch early the terrible effects of working on a laptop all day.

Yet you lose all your progress in a day. And can regain it in a couple of days as well.

Reminds you that everything is dynamic and fluctuates. You are never at a certain place. You are constantly moving and changing.

Either for the better, or for the worse.

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