December 10th, 2021 | Unscalable

I've been changing my mind completely regarding what scaling a business means.

I used to think it means decoupling your time and efforts.

Instead of selling 1-1, sell 1-N.

Instead of increasing traffic by writing blog posts one by one, find a way to auto generate blog posts.

But I think that frame of mind is dangerous.

It reminds me of overengineering tech.

You know - building a website that can handle 1,000,000 concurrent users while you only just started.

Just build something that works for now. If you have scaling issues, then address them.

Same with scaling a business in general. I believe all you have to do is scale revenue.

Scaling a business is taking it to the next step.

If you are at $100 per month, it's taking it to $1k per month. And from $1k to $5k. And so on and so forth.

In whatever way you can. Even if it's "uNscAlabLe".

Why do we try to overcomplicate and overoptimize everything?

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