Week #11 | One last try

Angelstep's PH launch was a flop, but that does not mean that it is not a good product.

I had a few reasons as to why I think it's still a good product and a few ways to how I could validate it.

Let's have a look and compare with Cyberleads.

Cyberleads sends you a list of newly funded startups in order to find customers with $$$.

Angelstep sends you a list of active investors in order to get $$$.

There are products that help you find investor details that make good money in the maker scene, notably investorscout.co and investorhunt.co

All in all, I thought that maybe I was unlucky, although the stats didn't really line up. Here are the stats for the PH launches:

Cyberleads -> 150 upvotes -> 10 paying customers

Angelstep -> 75 upvotes -> 0 paying customers

I was expecting at least two paying customers for Angelstep.

Regardless, I wanted to take a chance and try to take advantage of all other platforms, like Slack, Reddit, Facebook, HackerNews.

I joined multiple Facebook Groups and checked what the top posts looked like. On some groups it was feedback posts, on others it was spammy ones.

Honestly, the amount of stupidity online is frightening. You would see posts like, "Want investment? Leave your emails below!" and HUNDREDS of people would just leave their comments.

Or you would see posts like "I want 1 MILLION DOLLRS for company. Handsme retrns."

What. The. Fuck. Taking money from these fools should be illegal. But then again, they are the kind of people that would never pay for anything that doesn't guarantee them "SUCCESS and millions in three months"

Anyway, it was interesting. 

I posted on the Facebook groups and got good interest, especially from the serious groups were I asked for feedback. many people asked how large the lists are, and if I could send them the list for free.

People like free stuff, especially when it comes to investor details.

I also launched on Reddit, and it was my best promotional post on Reddit ever. 

Pro tip: Give, don't take. They are allergic to links.

If you link your website, forget about it. What I did was posted the whole list of investors there for free, but without the emails, which is what most people want.

But of course I could not add them all, I hit the character limit, so i added a link to my website at the bottom as a complementary link.

No knee jerk reactions and positive comments. From Reddit. From /r/Entrepreneur.

I was impressed.

Regardless, no one paid, just asked how large the lists were. Basically most just want to blast thousands of cold emails..

In the end, the visitors to Angelstep where about 600, and for Cyberleads 1000.

But 0 paying customers. So scrap it.

I'm happy I'm scrapping it, I want to clear my head from all the bullshit and new product ideas.

I have one last idea though which I think I can build super easily and launch on Product Hunt this week. Basically I want to devote March to failed launches and clear my head.

It's marrying Angelstep and Cyberleads and adding some as well.

It's a newsletter of everything going on in tech. Every newly funded startup, every acquitision, every active investor. In your inbox, every month. Let's see how it goes.