August 14th, 2021 | Flashback

Just had a flashback and remembered what I was doing this time last year.

I was sitting in exactly the same spot I am sitting now and was stuck in a React code base at work. Trying to get a customized ChartJS graph load and show properly on all screen sizes. I also remember having a problem with rounding the corners of some bars.

It took weeks and I wasn’t going anywhere. And I was also running CyberLeads on the side.

I was stressed and felt pretty useless as an engineer and an employee. I remember having a 1-1 chat with my manager and me apologizing for being so late.

Yes. The same manager that fucked me over one week before leaving the company a few months later.

So happy to be sitting here now, working for myself. It’s quiet. I can only hear the cicadas and my thoughts.

How nice.

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