July 17th, 2021 | Sports and emotion

Yesterday we left super late to return to Palermo. On the road we listened to the broadcast of the football match.

The roads? Completely empty. Everyone is in front of their TV, watching the match.

I am getting messages in my family group chat from England. Everyone outside, wearing England football shirts. Super excited.

My mother also. She is a crazy football fan. Unlike me. I only know Ronaldo and Messi.

Started feeling anxious. I wanted Italy to win. But my family would be shaterred.

England is ahead. They are playing well.

Then, the second half starts. And Italy are putting it on and equalize.

As we are approaching Palermo, they go to extra time.

The streets remind you of a ghost town or something. We are probably the only car outside.

As we are nearly home, they go to penalties.

“Oh shit. I know my mother hates penalties.”

I look at the group chat. They say they are hiding behind the couch. And my grandma has turned her TV off.

We rush to get back home quickly and see the penalty shootout.

We park and start running. On the way we can hear people screaming “NOOOO!”

“Damn, I guess England won!”

A little later, we hear them screaming from joy.


“What the fuck is happening?!”

We rush in the elevator. Go up the stairs. Open the door.

I drop our bags on the floor and grab out my laptop. Maybe we can see the end of the penalty shootout.

Ok, it’s on!

“If Italy scores this penalty, they win.”

Oh shit..

They score. And the city goes bananas.

My girlfriend runs outside and cheers. She wanted Italy to win. I follow quietly. I know that my family is shattered.

What can you say. Sports are fun!

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