June 12th, 2021 | Sicilian family dinner

Yesterday we went for a big family dinner. My girlfriend has family down here in Sicily.

Uncles. Aunts. Cousins. And nephews. It was full of people. And of course, I was the only person that wasn’t family.

Everyone had heard about me, since I was the reason my girlfriend is all of a sudden living in Sicily.

First question at the table:
“So, I heard you work in marketing, right? Are you working here in Palermo?”

Oh fuck.. where do we start now?

From the remote aspect of my job? From the aspect that I have a company with no employees? And that my whole company fits in my laptop?

Or from the fact that I have built some robots that collect publicly available business information and then I curate it by hand and sell it to companies that want to find new clients, on a subscription basis?

I tried a few times to explain.

In the end, I wish I had just nodded yes and said that I work in marketing in Palermo. Haha.

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