June 7th, 2021 | Actionable goals

I am a big proponent of actionable goals.

What does “Reach $10K/month” even mean as a task?

It doesn’t help with what you have to do today. And it’s completely meaningless once you reach that goal.

Around this time last year, I stopped setting non actionable goals. It was when I hit $1k MRR and was both ecstatic and disappointed at the same time.

So right now.. I want to hit 1M impressions on Twitter.

On a good month I usually hit around 500K. But I’m lazy as fuck. I could tweet far more and reach a lot of more people.

Instead of setting a goal to hit 1M impressions, I’m setting the goal of tweeting three times per day. Starting from today.

Far clearer.

🎥 Video version

🔊 Podcast version

✉️ I want to get notified of big milestones


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