April 2021 | On the hunt again (3.3K MRR) 🦌

April was a weird month. A month filled with distractions.

The reason is that I was moving houses (again) and setting up my base here in Sicily. I rented a temporary AirBnb for a month, and in that time I had to figure out everything.

- Which neighborhood I like best.
- What my budget should be.
- Go and check the properties in person.
- Deal with real estate agents.
- Set up contracts for electricity, water and internet.
- Explain to old ladies what my line of work is and why I don't have a real job and why they can trust me.
- Communicate in broken Italian, a few words of English, a little bit of physical contact and a large amount of hand gesturing.

Whoever has travelled a lot and has lived in another place, they know that everything works differently wherever you go.

It's not like AirBnb, where you just book a place and it has everything. That's easy!

Renting long term means dealing with all the above.

Eventually I ended up moving from the cheapest neighborhood of Palermo, to the most expensive one.

Although it's far more expensive here, let me paint a picture for you.

In my cost effective AirBnb in the historical old town of Palermo, I would regularly see people do heroine right outside my doorstep at 5:00 PM in the afternoon. All the building were destroyed and ruined. The streets were littered and full of shit. It smelled accordingly and didn't feel safe at all.

In my new house, I am ten meters away from a huge beautiful crystal clear beach. In an extremely safe area. Where people are running, exercising, playing beach volley and surfing.

I decided that the extra money would skyrocket my quality of life. The percentage increase in price is substantial. Nearly 50% to be exact. But the absolute number is not. It's around $300 per month more expensive.

And what's funny is that this big house by the sea is still cheaper than the single room I rented in a house with 4 other people in Milan, just a few months ago.

After pondering for a some time if I should spend more money or save more money, I said fuck it. Sometimes you have to invest in yourself. Otherwise what's the point of money.

I'll make the extra $4k I'll spend over the course of the year back, through the added peace of mind and inspiration this location and house will provide me with.

Actually, I'm already deep in work, just a few days since I've moved here. I'm trying to catch up with everything, since the last two months have been a blur.

For the rest of the year, I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying put, focused in deep work.

After all, I have everything here. My girlfriend. An exotic location. Fiber internet. Friends and family will fly out to see me.

All I want to do now is work. I'm in love with the game again, like I was before I even made my first dollar.

Somewhere in between quitting my job, filling taxes, moving houses and stressing about the future, I lost it and started coasting.

MRR is stuck at around $3k for some months now. Monthly revenue also stuck at around $5k per month.

Now it's time to take Cyberleads to the next level, like I did last year. I went from the hundreds [$500/mo] to the thousands [$5k/mo]. This year I want to go from the thousands, to the tens of  thousands.

Not for the money, but for the game.

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