May 4th, 2021 | I'm back

Missed many days of work. Reason being that I am moving houses and it's a lot of work.

For legal and business reasons, I have to rent a long term apartment under a normal contract and transfer my residence. That's not as easy as booking an AirBnb.

I had many problems. Many people also viewing the houses. Limited options. People not trusting me because I am self employed and I'm not being fed a cozy, predictable salary. And because I'm a foreigner. Even though I'm making multiple times more than a person on a standard salary here.

In the end, after a lot of hurdles and many back and forths, I managed to book an amazing flat right by the sea. I connected the electricity. The water. All that's left is to have WiFi.

I think at the end of this week I'll move there.

Too many distractions. I'm basically begging to be able to work again.

I don't know how nomads do this all the time. Staying at AirBnbs is a lot easier. I know. But still, structure and few distractions is the secret ingredient to success.

Maybe I change my mind later. But for the next year or so, I want to set my anchor here by the sea and get to work.

Sorry for being absent!

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