April 14th, 2021 | Motivation loops

Back in high school and uni, I remember I used to get motivated in an annual fashion.

Every New Years, Christmas, Easter or my Birthday, I used to look back and reflect on the past year. And would feel motivated to continue.

When I started working a full time job, I started getting motivated in a monthly fashion. Cyberleads also helped with this, since every monthly list felt like a feedback loop closing.

When I first quit my job and went full time, I started getting motivated on a weekly basis. Somewhere throughout the week my motivation would dip, and on Sunday I would get pumped for the next week.

Lately, however, I don't feel that motivation pump and dump. It's more level and kind of a daily thing.

Every day feels like a small challenge itself. Instead of the week. Or the quarter. Or the year.

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