April 9th, 2021 | Micro Unicorn

New goal for the next 3-4 years, until I turn 30.

Build a small, independent internet business with minimal costs that generates $1M/year. That's $80K/month.

Have no full time employees. No offices. Maybe a couple part time remote workers or freelancers.

Super arbitrary goal! But why not. Goals are fun.

It's not that much will change in my life if I reach this goal. Maybe I don't stress money at all. Maybe I don't have to strike a balance between how safe the area is and the rent price.

Or worry about my future in general. Or worry about the possibility of having and providing for kids.

But most probably, my life won't change.

So although it's a goal, it's not a purpose.

I'm not sacrificing my well being or postponing my happiness to get there. I'm simply setting my true north, so I have a general direction.

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