April 3rd, 2021 | Shit happens

A huge trap I always fall into is believing that I am one step away from the perfect environment to work.

As you have guessed, it's usually my evil and cunning procrastination disguised in sheep's clothing.

A few examples:

The last week before moving from Milan to Palermo, I didn't work much, although I could have easily squeezed in the time. I thought that once I got here, everything would be perfect.

Every last week of the month. I always work many, many hours on the monthly list. So, I always postpone doing other things like marketing until I hit send.

Yesterday, I woke up in the morning and a few things broke in the house. I had to go and buy stuff from the plumber's and fix them. I postponed my work for that day.

Flexibility is great. And freedom to work on your own schedule is amazing.

But never forget that discipline brings freedom. And too much freedom brings laziness, which in time brings enprisonment.

This is my biggest goal for Q2. I don't care if things pop up, I still have to get my work done. The reason is because I've realized that things always pop up. No matter how perfect you think your environment is.

I thought that once I go full time, everything would be perfect.

Well wrong.. Although things are easier, I still have to battle myself and my procrastination.

Shit always happens. And life always gives you days off.

So never give days off voluntarily. That's just stupid.

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