March 29th, 2021 | Wooden chairs

My new place here has some bullshit wooden chairs. A lot worse that the chair I had in Milan. And nothing like the fancy, $1000 chairs we had at my previous day job.

After just one week here, my back is already fucked.

However, today I started googling and reading, and found out that there is nothing inherently wrong with wooden chairs.

Actually, the chair is a five thousand year old technology, and it was only in the 1800s that we started experimenting with other materials other than wood.

So, essentially, people have been sitting on wooden chairs for millennia.

The problem is elsewhere. There was never a time in history where people sat on chairs for so many hours. And not just sit in chairs, but hunch over computers and phones at the same time.

Now, the only remedy is buying a new chair, sitting straight on the wooden chair, or.. sit less?

One way would be to work standing up, using what they call a "standing desk". For now, all I did was place the laptop on a shelf here. It's actually super convenient and comfortable.

Although I was unlucky with the chair, I was lucky with this weird, tall furniture they have here.

Let's try this.

I don't work for so many hours, after all. It's not like I hit 12 hour days. I usually work for 4 focused hours in the morning. And then sort-of work in the evening, but super chill.

Maybe I should try working on this DIY standing desk in the mornings.

So far, it's great! I actually wrote this blog post standing up, so there's that.

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