March 14th, 2021 | Breakthrough moment

Today something almost magical happened. A breakthrough moment.

All of a sudden, I started speaking Italian!

No, I'm not talking voodoo magic. Since I went full time on Cyberleads, I've been studying daily. Mainly, the 1000 most common words, which contain 80% of daily language. Thanks again, Pareto.

I have nearly finished the words now. And have memorized almost all of them. Now it's time to create the glue. Connect the dots.

I went for a long, two hour walk and listened to a slow, conversational podcast. In the evening, I was speaking my first sentences!

My Italian flatmates were impressed. For the first time ever, we were conversing in Italian.

It might sound stupid, but it was legitimately a breakthrough moment. All of a sudden, I can speak a foreign language.

It reminded me that growth is not linear. Not in business. Or fitness. Or anything else in life.

The beginning always sucks. And along the way you have boring periods and a few breakthrough moments.

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