March 9th, 2021 | Quarantine

Exactly one year ago, the first quarantine started here in Milan, and we started working remotely.

Even though we were all scared of this new possibly extremely deadly pandemic, personally, I remember my quality of life improving one million per cent.

Going to the office is what killed me more than anything else. Waking up early, commuting, and being forced to sit in a chair for nine hours.

White walls. The aesthetics of a psychiatric clinic. The smell of a hospital. Everyone screwed to their chairs next to each other for nine hours straight. It was like a chicken coup.

Why work like that? Why live like that? Remote work made so much more sense to me.

I remember looking out of the office window, wondering if I would ever earn my financial independence.

All I wanted was $500/mo. Nothing more. It was the amount I was being paid in my last job in Greece. And it was just enough to live in a cheap country like Thailand. It was symbolic.

I cannot believe that just one year later, I'm living my wildest dreams. And I'm super pissed that today I woke up and took it for granted.

Take a deep breath, and appreciate it. You're lucky as fuck.

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