March 3rd, 2021 | Shutting down a project

Today was bitter sweet. I said goodbye and shut down to a project of mine that was making money.

It was a stupid bot that pushed commits for you on GitHub.

I built it completely for fun, but it ended up going strong for over two years.

And it was my first project that ever made money. If it wasn't for it, I would have probably quit before reaching here.

However, it was time to move on:
- It would require maintenance due to some upcoming changes in GitHub's API.
- It would require maintenance due to outdated software packages that will be deprecated.
- It would require maintenance if I wanted to legitimize it. Issue VAT for customers, send invoices, and communicate all about it with my accountant.

That's too much work for a stupid project making around $100 per month. I prefer to shut it down, drink a beer in it's name and focus my energy elsewhere.

This morning, I canceled every single subscription that was running. Sent a goodbye note to everyone. And took the website down.

I would never have guessed this. But it feels like a sad day.

Thank you GitGardener. You helped me make my first dollar online, and made me believe that making a living online can become reality.

In order words, you helped me achieve my dreams.

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