February 26th, 2021 | Blinded by bias

Yesterday I returned to Italy. Took the bus from Germany. But it took eleven hours to get back.

The reason is because we had four border controls.

One in Germany. One in Austria. One in Switzerland. One in Italy.

In the first border control in Germany, two Turkish guys were asked a million questions and they took their fingerprints.

In the second border control in Austria, an old Muslim lady was questioned for a long time.

In the third border control in Switzerland, they were questioning the two Turkish guys AND the old Muslim lady.

The fourth border control in Italy lasted ten seconds and they didn't check anyone. Italians don't give a fuck.

All in all, we had three hours of controls. Fingerprints. Questioning. Checking bags. Checking IDs and Passports.

But only the same three people were checked thoroughly. The rest of us just passed freely. Hardly being checked.

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