February 17th, 2021 | Entrepreneur life

Feeling like shit today. Stressed and depressed. Mostly because of some taxes and expenses I hadn't taken into account.

I'm scared that my runway might be shorter than I thought.

Right now, I'm in the process of listing down with my accountant every single business expense I'll have 2021. What I'll pay. Where. Why. And when.

I'm also moving from Milan to Sicily next month. Which is a lot cheaper. So, I'll recalculate my personal burn rate there also.

By the end of March, I'll have a clearer picture of what my runway looks like.

It's stressing. Because I have no trust fund. No safety net. No one to help me sort my shit out. I'm on my own.

Entrepreneur life. One moment you're feeling like the king of the world. The next, you're feeling hopeless.

That being said, I would never trade it for the boredom of working in an office for someone else.

It's probably time for a long run. Off I go.

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