February 4th, 2021 | Kid or adult

Sometimes I feel all grown up. Other times I feel like I'm still a kid.

Sometimes I feel both at the same day. Like today.

I'm working on my business. Sounds like an adult thing to do. But at the same time I'm listening to a playlist called "LoFi Pokemon".

It reminds me of my childhood years and my childhood friends. A strong wave of nostalgia has flooded my system.

Sitting in a circle with my friends, with our Game boys, playing Pokemon. The Yellow cassette at first. The Ruby later on. Battling and trading Pokemon with cables.

Or playing football. The proper football, where you actually kick a ball with your foot. No care in the world, what so ever.

Sometimes I consciously remind myself that we are all just kids that grew up. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Sounds obvious, but I always forget about it.

When I see an old man, I usually think of him as something static. As if he was always old.

But no. He was a kid as well. It's just that time passed.

The same will happen to us. One day we will be old. And younger kids will subconsciously think that we were always old.

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