January 30th, 2021 | Living in the future

Sometimes I wonder if I'm working on the right things.

I run a tech business in the lead generation space. But lead generation is an old and saturated market. Whereas AI, remote work and GPT-3 are up and coming.

I just started a video podcast. But podcasting is almost 20 years old now and pretty saturated also. Audio social networks like Clubhouse look like they're going to be the future.

I charge dollars for my product!!! Even focusing on making dollars nowadays seems old school. Bitcoin is skyrocketing and presumably the future.

If you want to hit it big and score a home run, by all means, you should be looking ahead and preparing.

Or, as Paul Graham likes to say: "Live in the future and build cool stuff."

- Work on an AI product.
- Build an audience on Clubhouse.
- Invest in Bitcoin.

I get stressed sometimes when I look at these "opportunities" popping up in front of me.

But then I realize that it's just speculation and a distraction.

Most of the time, the above approach fails. Only the exceptions reach our eyes and ears.

- Like Joe Rogan catching the podcasting wave.
- Or angel investors hitting unicorns.
- Or entrepreneurs getting in brand new markets or marketplaces.
- Or teenagers becoming famous overnight on new social networks.
- Or people becoming millionaires from crypto.

But here is something most people don't realize.

Joe Rogan was on TV and on radio first. He made money. Then, he started commentating on fights and podcasting.

Elon started a company that licensed city guide software to newspapers. Then, he started a payments platform. Then, he made a shit ton of money. Finally, he started building rockets and electric cars.

Many famous investors started their own boring companies. Then, they made money. Finally, they started investing in cool and up and coming startups.

Notice a pattern?

First you make money from something established. Then, you start having fun and living in the future.

Life is long. You don't have to start now. Don't let FOMO destroy you. There will always be something up and coming.

PS: This is just my personal approach.

I respect the fuck out of people that are building cool things and are living in the future. Even from the get go.

At the end of the day, they are the ones shaping the world. Not people like me.

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