January 26th, 2021 | Progress is addictive

I love that it's been over a year since I started writing daily.

At any point, I can just scroll down and see exactly what I was doing and thinking one year ago.

Did that this morning. And wow. I'm so grateful I can look back, otherwise I would have forgotten everything and wouldn't appreciate what I have.

My life has changed so much in one year.

From 2018 to 2019, it wasn't like that. I was stagnant. And it was kinda depressing.

And I remember being very disappointed.

From 2019 to 2020 though. Insane.

I haven't experienced so much growth since my teenage years.

And I'm not sure I'll ever experience this much growth in a single year ever again.

Anyway, here is the blog post from last year:


Jan 26th, 2020 | Finally, a good week

This week everything went perfect. I stayed on track, and I'm solidifying those productive habits. Wake up at 06:00, work till 08:00, go to the gym till 09:00, be at work at 10:00.

I'm basically living for those four hours before work every day.

Work is super interesting as well, I'm learning many things, mostly about how companies work. I always imagined companies as these solid entities, like Microsoft being one thing. A logo with two feet, two hands and a credit card. Now I see it's actually the exact opposite. Microsoft is not a single entity, it is a collection of departments and those departments are a collection of teams, and those teams are a collection of people. Managers don't care about the company, they care about their team. Employees don't care about the company, they care about their job, their dreams, their families, their kids, their wives. The CEO and stakeholders care about the company and it's vision.

As for my personal projects, I have to change things up.

Last week I posted a few posts on Reddit and a few landing pages on Product Hunt Ship. No good results, but I'm more experienced in this game nowadays and I know it's a number's game. However, there are things that I can improve.

1. Write daily blogs in the morning and change the structure, they are horendous. But hey, at least I am writting them.
2. Focus on one idea instead of two or three like I did last week.
3. Keep an open mind and don't follow blindly the common path.

Product Hunt and tech SaaS products may be a way, but it certainly is not the only way. We shouldn't be married to any notion or idea.

Some stereotypes are going B2B, ads and affiliate marketing don't work, you have to be a user of your own product, etc.

I believe them, but that's their own experience, and maybe it's not the case for every one and every product. I have to keep that in mind in the future.

This week I'll focus on DevCake, a lead generation service for people building dev products.

It passes all the initial tests.

1. I am my own user
2. It's in tech
3. It's B2B
4. I know the distribution channels, etc

This time next week I will have concluded if it's worth pursuing.

Let's see.. :)

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