January 9th, 2021 | Compound growth

Nothing is easy, and all skills require years to master.

I started working on SEO a few months ago, and I'm getting slapped around. Zero results so far. I'm getting humbled.

It took more than two years to start becoming good at building small internet businesses.

It took more than two years to start becoming good at using Twitter.

It took more than two years to start becoming good at kick boxing and Muay Thai.

How can I expect to become great at SEO in a few months? It'll take years as well.

Probably a whole year before I bring in the same amount of traffic I bring via Twitter.

But that's a good thing. Hard things are worthwhile. Because 99.9999% of people quit before they reach that point.

Any kind of skill can work. Whether it's social media marketing. Paid advertising. SEO. Engineered marketing. Building SaaS products. Dropshipping. Running an agency. Investing in real estate. You name it.

But they all take time to master. So, pick the ones you want to master, enjoy and feel like play to you, and stick with them for a few years.

The compounding nature of skills works as the greatest filter. One year or two years in, progress is not even linear. It's a miserable flat line. That happened to me. I almost quit this time last year.

Then.. boom. It started picking up. Aggressively. This blew my mind. That the default manner in which things grow is exponential and not linear.

That realization has changed my whole outlook on progress and life. I used to think in months. Now, I've started to think in years.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I continued training and fighting in Muay Thai. I quit two years in, just as I started fighting semi-professionally and was coming into my stride.

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