December 23, 2020 | Echo chamber

Sometimes I'm afraid that I'm locked in an echo chamber and I don't know it.

I find myself constantly nodding and agreeing with most of what I see. Either when reading stuff from the people I follow. Or when reading books. Or when having conversations with others.

How is this possible?

Everywhere I look, I see things that reenforce my belief system.

Maybe I have created my small bubble, and it makes sense that I agree with the people I follow. Or that I attract people that agree with me.

I don't know. Even my uncle the other day, who has been working for 30 years at the same company was telling me how depressing life is being on calls and meetings all your life. And that he admires what I'm doing.

Multiple people from the job I just left also reached out and told me that they read my blog. They said that they love what I'm doing, and that they would love to do it as well.

From different teams. I had no idea they read my blog.

All ages. All professions. All nationalities.

Or maybe the people that disagree are not bothered to argue with me, and I should actively try to read things that I don't necessarily agree with and have conversations with people I know I disagree with.

The only person I disagree with, on literally almost everything, is my sister.

I prefer freedom and less money. My sister wants to be a hot shot in a multinational company.

I believe in skills. My sister believes in having a strong CV, certifications and references.

I went to a public university in Greece and got my degree one year late, with a grade of 5/10. My sister went to Imperial College in London, which is one of the top ten universities in the world, and got her degree with the highest of honors.

I don't believe in academic knowledge. My sister is doing a Phd and swears by it.

I believe humans can effectively work for four hours per day, max. My sister swears that she works ten hours every day.

We were talking about how funny it is that we disagree on everything, and we agreed to exchange books.

I will give her a book that I know she will disagree with, and so will she.

I will give her a Nassim Taleb book. Probably "Skin In The Game".

That will be a heavy, heavy blow. Nassim does not hold back.

I have no idea what she will give me, but I'm looking forward to it.

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