Nov 2020 | Light after dark ($2.4K MRR) 🌔

Once again, history repeats itself. As I'm about to lose all hope, things blow up. And I can't take credit for it.

Nassim Taleb would call it a "Positive Black Swan". A positive event you cannot forecast, and will have more impact than anything else. You attract them by exposing yourself to the world and increasing your luck surface area.

I call it "getting lucky".

Throughout the previous month, October, I had started freaking out and doubting everything. Myself. My product. My landing page. My distribution channels. Everything.

I was fucking around with the website, as if that was the problem as to why I hadn't grown in the past months. Changed the wording. The positioning. Added email boxes to collect leads. Changed the demos. Changed the buttons. Almost changed my target audience. 

Fucking around stuff, to feel like I'm fixing things.

But it clearly wasn't working. And I wasn't getting any new customers. So, I reverted everything. The previous version of the website worked great, so why change it? Just because two months were bad?

If I've learnt something this year is that growth is not linear, and you can't see the whole picture if you are so zoomed in. Things take their time. And things don't ask for your permission to happen. They happen when they want to happen.

I reverted all changes, and got a couple of customers in the next week.

I also told my landlord that I'll be leaving this house in March. It's too expensive and living in Milan during corona sucks.

I also told my boss that I won't be renewing my contract with the company, which ends in January. Yes. I'll be unemployed in January. Oops. I meant self-employed!

I could write about this for hours, and I will in my next monthly blog post. The final monthly blog post of the year!

But at the time, as you can imagine, I was very worried.

Did I do the right thing?

- In January I will have no job.
- In March I will have no house.
- Right now my revenue is dropping.

I intentionally removed the ground below my feet to light a fire inside me. To feel alive. And to force myself to expand and grow.

I'm not gonna lie and pretend. I was very stressed.

But then, just as I was wondering if I'm crazy, out of nowhere, the black swan appeared...

A friend of mine, who runs a huge newsletter, reached out for help in one of his reports. I agreed to help him out.

As we were chatting, we also talked about running an exclusive promo for Cyberleads. For his community of founders.

I liked his offer. I will never run slutty promotions with Cyberleads, but this was a special case. It was exclusive. It was with a trusted community. It was limited. It was with a person I trust.

We set up something fair. The way business should be.

We launched the promo at the end of November. And things went bananas... For my standards at least.

Completely smashed every single previous record. I made over $5k in November! My MRR grew close to $2.5K!

This gave me all my confidence back. I remember thinking..

Ok, I can do this. I can make it.

Dark times will come again. I have to remind myself that.

But they won't last for long. And the next highs will be higher than ever.

It's happened too many times to ignore.

Leaving my job is the right move after all.

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