November 24, 2020 | Badass accountant

Last month I asked every single colleague of mine to recommend an accountant to me.

The reason is that foreign professionals in Italy are eligible for some tax benefits, but you need an accountant to help you. Italian burreaucracy is hell.

My main criteria were:
- Speaks English
- Knows this law
- Is trust worthy

I ended up talking to many accountants.

I told them that I wanted to incorporate Cyberleads, and also benefit from the tax exemption.

Terrible experience. Either they didn't speak English, or they would say "Oh you're too late, you should have done X,Y,Z in April or sooner."

A nightmare. My stomach was tied like a knot.

Then, a colleague of mine from work, who is from the UK, recommended me her accountant.

"He is based in Rome. He is expensive, but he is an absolute beast. He speaks perfect English. He works only with international clients. He knows these laws like the back of his hand."

Boy, was she right. He means business.

No matter mistakes. Or deadlines. Or anything else. Everything can be done.

This is what I love. You pay, so you stop worrying about things.

When I'm left alone studying these laws, I freak out with the small details.

Then I talk to him on the phone, and he assures me that everything is ok and he will take care of everything.

Expensive? Definitely.
Worth it? Fuck yes.

I think I'll send him a bottle of wine for Christmas.

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