October 28, 2020 | The market decides

You have to have faith in your systems.

If you have found something that works, you should double down and trust in the process.

I'm saying this mostly as a note to myself, as the last months and a half have been a bit rough for Cyberleads.

Not a lot of traffic -> Few new customers -> Dropping MRR.

One thing I found out - don't know if it's positive or negative - is that all lead generation businesses suffer from a medium to high churn rate.

It's not like an operations system where companies are LOCKED IN and can't get out.

People are easy to convert and try it out, but are just as keen to drop it if they don't have immediate results.

The good thing --> Ok, it's not my fault Cyberleads doesn't have a super low churn rate.

It gave me confidence knowing that even the most successful lead generation companies in the world suffer from this.

There is a reason why companies like Crunchbase have only annual plans.

Even they can't crack the code.

The bad thing --> There is not much I can do about it. I have been slowly moving towards annual plans, and that's a wise move imo.

Another thing I have to do is educate my paying customers that it takes time to get meaningful results.

Also, I should focus on traffic. With a super low churn product, you can slack off with growth for a while.

With a medium to high churn rate, you can't!

Traffic has to be consistent.

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