September 28, 2020 | Monthly list

The last few days I have been integrating some new features into the Cyberleads website.

I have focused hard on agencies, and I am moving towards being a no-brainer for them, compared to all my competitors. It's a vastly smaller market, but still large enough for an indie business.

This week I was adding some new features to move into that direction.

One of them is forecasting, that means that I label some companies that are likely to use some service, like design, development, etc.

A mix of automation and human intuition. I don't like automating stuff right away.

I've realised that building features is easy, adding them to the landing page is the hard part. Copyrighting and marketing are the most valuable skills in the world right now.

I sent some versions to friends and they were perplexed. Fuck, if they don't understand, imagine people that are viewing Cyberleads for the first time.

I redesigned the new landing page a million times. In the end, it ended up almost identical to the original one. Like, if you go to the website, you won't even notice anything.

That's when I knew I had done a good job. You have to add things without making the product seem more overwhelming or complicated.

Like Gumroad for example. They have been working for a decade on their product, and it looks almost identical to the original version. Super simple, not overwhelming.

Anyway, we are getting closer to the end of the month, and what's left now is to finalize this month's list. It's nearly done, but as always, it will be completed at the very last second.

The same thing, every fucking month.

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