September 21, 2020 | 100 to go

Damn.. I  was going to write something about fitness and health, but I saw that we are on day 265 of the year.

This massive, crazy, insane year is coming to an end soon.

All we have is 100 days.

I really want to prioritize my fitness and stick with it for the last 100 days of the year. Although my cardio has never been better, and I run 10K like it's nothing, I'm getting soft in the  mid section and upper body.

Guys.. in one photograph my girlfriend took of me sitting down without a shirt on, I look like I have bitch tits and a belly.

What the fuck. I look middle aged.

For the next 100 days,  I will eat clean. That's it.

And start doing some weight training or even bodyweight exercises.

I stopped during lockdown (early March) and haven't done a single pushup since.

When my brother saw the photo he literally fell down and couldn't breath from laughter. Because I don't have bitch tits. But I'm getting closer every day.

I want to print that photo and stick it on my mirror, but I'm too ashamed to go to the printer shop, haha.

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