September 7, 2020 | Death

Am I crazy that I remind myself daily that I'm going to die some day?

I'm not a special flower so I'm sure there are many people that think the same way, but I haven't met any yet.

Me. You. Everyone you love. Everyone you hate. Everyone you care about. Everyone you don't care about. We are all going to die.

It may sound cringe, or even scary, but I think it's beautiful. It makes life priceless.

I can't even imagine the pain of saying goodbye to a parent or sibling. But thinking about it makes me appreciate the fact that they are still around. Still around to hug. Or call and say that I love them.

It also helps me take decisions better. And helps me decide if something is worth chasing. Or worth feeling sorry about. Basically puts everything into perspective.

I hate that it's almost "taboo" to talk about or even mention.

It's common knowledge.

I was talking to a person on my plane flight last week. We were talking about manners and how some people are rude.

After discussing a while about the subject, I relaxed and unintentionally let a bomb fly.

"We are all going to die soon. So not try to be polite to everyone?"

Probably the mistake was that I said it very calmly and seriously.

Her eyes opened wide open. As if I said something she didn't know. Or something we are not allowed to talk about.

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