Aug 2020 | The ceiling ($2.2K MRR) 🌌

August was a slow month. A chill month.

For the first time in a long time, I flew back to my home country. Visited my hometown. Even took some time off.

Didn't work much. Hardly at all, actually. However, Cyberleads still grew, and broke into the $2k MRR club.

Only 1% of all indiehacker products reach $2k per month, so it's a pretty big deal.

I was asked by a friend where I think the ceiling is for Cyberleads.

More on that later.


I flew to Greece on August 2nd..

I was super excited. Coming off an insane July. Going viral and surpassing my day job's salary with Cyberleads.

A monumental milestone.

I could not wait to share this with every one. After all, I had worked very hard for it. Two and a half years and 19 failed attempts to be precise.

I was going to enjoy it.

When I landed in Greece, though, my excitement dropped. I felt sick to my stomach. Literally and physically.

I felt like I was going backwards. I swear to god, when I got out of the airport, I wished I could just turn around and fly back again.

Go back to Italy. Where everything happened for me. The immense stress. The excitement. Personal and professional growth.

I was looking at the buildings as I was getting closer to my home, and understood why I was stuck for more than two years.

The same old buildings. The same old parks. The same old bus stops. The same old people drinking coffee in the same old coffee shop nearby my house. Everything was the same. Nothing has changed.

Had I changed?

I saw a sterile environment I was too used to. My brain was half asleep, with it's mouth open, drooling when I lived here. There was nothing to spark any interesting thoughts.

Turns out leaving Greece was the best decision of my life.

I'm 100% certain that if I had stayed, I would have never started Cyberleads.

The easiest way to change is to just change your environment. Maybe it wasn't me that changed so much but my environment.

After a few days in Greece, I started becoming my old self.

No inspiration. No drive. No motivation. No nothing. A lazy grown ass man watching TV with his parents.

That's the reason I took time off. I could not work.

Parents. Siblings. Neighboors. Friends. Cats and dogs. There was just too much noise to concentrate.

That was the first two weeks of my stay in Greece.

The next two, I left my hometown and went on holidays. It was great.

We stayed by the sea, with my friends and girlfriend.

We did whatever we wanted. Rented a big apartment by the sea. Drove everywhere. Read books. Drank. Smoked. Chatted about life. The future. The past. Eat out every day. Worked a bit in the mornings.

This is what I want. Freedom. To be able to do this more often, and not just once a year when my company allows it.

Right now I'm on the airplane, sitting by the window, flying back to my place in Milan. Happy as a clown.

I'm refreshed, and starting tomorrow, I'll be back in full speed.


So, Cyberleads hit $2k MRR.

I read somewhere that only 1% of all indiehacker companies reach $2k MRR. That's a big fucking deal.

Given that I'm not talented, it means that I have found something I love so much I'm willing to stick with it and eventually succeed in.

It's a compounding game. It's evident. You just have to not give up. The way this is going, I might be looking at $4k MRR by the end of the year. Or not?

Can Cyberleads hit $4k MRR?

A friend of mine asked me where I think the ceiling is for Cyberleads. I paused for a second and the answer rolled off my tongue, effortlessly.

"There is no ceiling for Cyberleads. I am the ceiling. No one else. Nothing else."

The market is massive. It supports many multi million dollar businesses. For us indie hackers, a million dollars is the sky. So there is no limit.

That's the benefit of entering a large market. The best thing? There are loads more waiting for you to join.

The only thing that is hindering Cyberleads' growth is me.

My ability to market it. My ability to improve it. My ability to make it more unique. My ability to explain it's benefits better. My ability to make it more well known.

I love that.

And that's the reason I'm completely fine with marketing Cyberleads through me.

I will have to grow personally if I want to grow professionally, or financially.

I have "skin in the game".

How much I grow is not in my hands. But I am responsible for the inputs.

Some months I might grow a lot. Others, not so much.

The inputs are on me. The outputs, no.

I need to focus on myself.

I'll say it once again, with the danger of becoming repetitive:

It's a marathon, not a sprint. I am looking at this journey as a 10 year project. And I'm still halfway through year 3.

So yeah. I am the ceiling of my company. And even though it's scary, I'm happy about it.

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