August 21, 2020 | Having fun with friends

Time goes past fast when you're with friends.

Tomorrow is our last day. Before returning to our concrete jungles.

One of us is returning to Athens. One of us to Vienna. One of us to Munich. Me, to Milan.

A bit sad really. But then again, it's the finite nature of things that make them priceless.

If our holidays lasted for months, we would be sick of this place and each other. You should always leave wanting more and wanting each others' company.

It's 10PM right now. Dead quiet in our apartment. Everyone is super tired. All you can hear is the waves crashing slowly and cicadas.

I'm trying to relax and take it in. The calmness. The peace.

This time in a week or so, we'll all be back to the grind.

I'll be back to the grind as well. Working full time for my day job and pushing Cyberleads like crazy.

Big things are coming in September/October, but I'm trying not to think about anything that has to do with work right now.

There is no need. Just relax.

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