August 1, 2020 | Hometown

Just landed in Greece. Came here for August, to spend time with family and friends. Can't decide how I feel about this.

On one hand I'm glad to see everyone I care about and catch up with them.

On the other hand I feel like I'm going backwards. I swear to god, when I got out of the airport I was thinking how nice it would be if I could turn around and get the fuck out again.

Go back to Italy. Where everything happened for me. The progress. The immense stress. Both of work, and of my personal projects. All my time in Greece has been associated with struggle, while in Italy with change and excitement.

I felt alive in Italy. I feel kinda dead in Greece.

It's nice to look back and see your progress, and you have to do it from time to time, but this environment suffocates me.

I was looking at the buildings while I was getting closer to my home, and I understood why I was so stuck for two years.

The same old buildings. The same old parks. Bus stops. People having their coffee in the coffee shop nearby my house. Everything the same. Nothing has changed.

A sterile environment I was too used to. My brain was half asleep with it's mouth open, drooling. Nothing there to spark any interesting thoughts.

Turns out, leaving was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I can't wait to see all my friends and family. Converse and go for drinks and to the beach together.

I also can't wait to get out of here and go back to Italy.

One piece of advice. If you feel stuck, get the fuck out of your hometown. Actually, your home country.

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