July 23, 2020 | Espresso

Drinking my second espresso this morning. Sitting on my little balcony working on this month's list for Cyberleads.

Listening to the people walking by and speaking in Italian. Trying to undestand what they are saying. Getting a lot better at it.

When I first came to Italy six months ago, I didn't speak a single word of Italian. I only drank instant coffee. I ate pasta with ready cooked sauces and with a spoon.

Heresy! My room mates would laugh and joke that I should be banished from the country.

I sound like a fucking corny travel influencer saying this, but the little habits are what make traveling and living abroad worth it.

Small habits that stick with you after you are gone.

Not the big cathedrals you can find in travel guides.

Things like learning to eat and cook food properly. Changing the way you view and drink coffee. Learning a new language.

When you leave the country, the cathedral won't come with you. It will stay there forever, for other people to see it, even after you are gone. The memory of the cathedral may come with you, but I doubt it will stick around for long or even change you. 

Habits are different. They come with you after you leave. They are yours. They can last forever.

If a country manages to change your habits, it has managed to change you. Even if it's in tiny, seemingly insignificant or silly ways.

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