July 14th, 2020 | Holidays

Sorry for the missing the past few days.

I was traveling with my girlfriend across the Italian riviera. It was lovely. Italy is so beautiful.. seriously.

Italian cities beat Greek cities and it's not even close. Greek islands are beautiful, but our cities are ugly as fuck.

Here in Italy though, they are something else. The most beautiful cities in the world. Venice, Turin, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Napoli.

On the other hand though, Greek coast lines beat Italian beaches. It's not even close. Haven't been to Puglia, Silicy or Sardinia, but this world famous Italian Riviera was like a very moderate greek beach.

Hope I don't get banished from Italy for saying this.

Anyway, now I'm back, and I have quite some ideas I want to process and write about. Here they some of them:

- Asymmetry of attention between leads, monthly subscribers, annual subscribers and lifetime customers.

- Wasted money. The percentage of money spent on useless things.

- Luck and execution.

Love, Alex

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