Jan 26th, 2020 | Lazy Sunday

Have you seen the movie Limitless? If not, this guy finds a pill that makes him super smart and productive. He takes it, writes a whole book in a day, cleans his house, get's his shit together and goes to sleep. The next morning, the pill has wore off and he is back to being a useless wannabe writter.

This was me this weekend. The week went by perfectly, but on the weekend I got flashbacks of my old self before moving here in Italy. I had all day to work, and managed to waste it all. When I have two hours to work in the morning, I get shit done. Constraints set you free.

At least I wondered around the city again today, which is something I have promised myself I will do. But, I want to work as well. Next weekend something has to change.

Probably I will go to a university library or a coffee shop in the center to work from. Yes, that's a great idea. After about three or four hours, I can wonder in town, since I'll be already there.

I just wrote the weekly blog as well, #4. Yikes, next week it will be the end of the first month, 8% of the year.

Already 8% of the year has passed, what the fuck.

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