June 23rd, 2020 | Unjustified confidence

There are some small thoughts that are so difficult and abstract to explain. They're also so small that it make no sense to discuss with others. This blog is about one of those small thoughts.

I have noticed that when I'm almost too confident and I try new things, I always pay for it. Nothing crazy, but enough to put me back into my place.

Whether it's talking to a girl you just saw, or pushing code recklessly at work, or posting philosophical bullshit on Twitter. It's inevitable that when you try new things, you'll at some point redicule yourself.

Sometimes I even see it coming. When I'm doing things too quickly and confidently, I think "Oh shit, I'm going to mess something up".

Today I faced one of those. I'm staying next to a huge, fucking gorgeous forrest. There are rivers, fish, trees, ducks, pelicans(?), sheep, dogs, people. A lot of naked people as well. It's like paradise. Germans are super comfortable with being nude, but that's another story for another day.

Anyway, I went for a run, and tried to act romantic and discover new places in the forrest.

Took a right. Then a left. Right. Right. Left. Straight. Left. Left. Right...

No phone. No watch. I never bring them with me.

You guessed right, I got fucking lost.

I go so lost that I exited the forrest from some other side and had to take a fucking bus to get home. Also I was fucking nervous cause I didn't know what time it was and if my lunch break was over.

What an absolute idiot.

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