June 21st, 2020 | Growing old

Time passes quickly. I'll be 26 in a few days.

I'm at a university campus right now in Munich, visiting my girlfriend, and most people are younger than me.

You can't tell physically, as these three to five years are not visible on the body. But I've been through their phase and I'm done with it.

I mean the getting "wasted and high every single day" phase. The "being loud because I'm insecure" phase. The "solve all my problems through drugs" phase.

Every day there are parties going on here. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I get FOMO (fear of missing out). But when I walk pass them and look at them, I see myself a few years back. And want nothing to do with what they're doing.

I prefer to have goals and work hard towards them, instead of wasting my life.

Is this an age thing? Or a personality thing?

Who knows.

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