June 11th, 2020 | Design

New design!

The last few days I re designed the website for Cyberleads. Initially, I was not interested in doing it. I'm not a believer in design being a needle mover - especially in the early stages of a startup's journey.

Even if conversions increased 10% - let's say from 1% to 1.1%, with the amount of traffic I get, it would be negligible.

But external pressure got to me, mainly, my girlfriend. She's a very talented designer, and my website pained her eyes.

The laptop mockup. The subscribe button being below the fold. The Airtable screenshot. The shadows on my buttons. The inconsistency between font sizes. The center aligned text. The inconsistency in spacing between objects. The fact that the pricing plans did not have a button to sign up.

I gave in, and decided to redesign it together. The main goal was to make the website look more professional and less like a side project.

My girlfriend wanted to change things up completely, but I was too stubborn. It's working so far - so why risk by changing it?

So we ended up just touching up and cleaning up things. But it honestly looks at least three times better than before, in my opinion.

I love it. It looks slick and premium. And more professional. You can check both versions out and compare for yourself.

Old website: cyberleads.landen.co
New website: getcyberleads.com

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