May 2020 | Already there ($1.2K MRR) 💫

Cyberleads is at $1k MRR

All the rest are at $200 MRR collectively

Wow. One thousand MRR.

I suppose I have to write something about reaching this milestone. We're all born with ten fingers and ten toes, so the number 1000 is pretty important to us.

But more importantly, this number represents that I could live off my businesses now. And that is special indeed.

If you told me back in January when I started my full time job that all this would happen, I wouldn't believe you.

I wouldn't be able to sleep at night from excitement. I would have to take a big walk and only try to imagine how it would feel when it happened. When I finally reach that state. When I'm free.

One thing I have never talked about before is that the day before I started my full time job I was shitting my pants. I was terrified. Afraid that my dreams would be crushed by the harsh reality of life. That I would forget all about my goals and dreams. My life would be work from Monday to Friday, and then go out on weekends. Rinse and repeat. Before I knew it I would be at the same job for three years.

That's exactly the reason why I started this daily blog. Not to brag. Not to show my progress. Not because I believe I have something interesting to say. I started it just to stay accountable to myself.

Fast forward a few months, and I've reached my goals. I can live off my businesses. I have a lot of momentum behind me and it honestly feels amazing.

But I don't feel like I'm living the dream. It doesn't feel real yet. Strange, right?

Here are three reasons that I can think of.

- Reason number one. Easy come, easy go.

Cyberleads is growing really fast - at least for my standards. While that's definitely sexy, it doesn't inspire confidence for the long run. My customers may leave as easy as they came. I'm not sure I'm standing on solid ground.

- Reason number two. I'm still working full time.

I don't have a job I want to quit, flip the bird to my boss and leave. The opposite actually. I enjoy my day job a lot. So my day to day life has not really changed.

- Reason number three. The most important reason of them all. The real reason.

It's hard to admit that I'm living my dream. Because if I am, then what? Am I supposed to be the happiest person on earth right now? And what's my excuse if I'm not?

I believe that many times we place goals to justify our current unhappiness.

Instead of facing our daemons head on, we come up with a superficial cover up goal. "When I get that, I'll be happy". Our mind is satisfied with the answer, we don't address our problems, and off we go to achieve that goal.

Then, when we achieve it, we can either address our problems, or come up with a new cover up. "$10K MRR now! That's when I'll truly be happy! I mean it this time!" And so on.

Of course, I'm not saying that goal setting is inherently bad. Some goals are great. Like getting out of debt for example. Or losing 100 pounds of body fat. Quitting smoking. But others are more superficial, like getting from 3k MRR to 5k MRR, when it wouldn't really change your lifestyle.

It's ok to have goals. It's not ok to tie your happiness to them. Especially if they are superficial.

If you asked me at any point in the last few years what my dream is, and we had had a few beers, I would have answered you the following:
"I want to travel the world, train martial arts and build software businesses. Between the ages of 25 and 30, while I'm still super young. After that, I don't know."

Ok, let's see where I am today, as I'm writing this blog post.

- I am 25 years old.

- I am currently living abroad, in Italy.

- I am training martial arts.

- And I have a proper business, at last - Cyberleads.

So I guess I am already there. Living my dream.

This may sound obvious and stupid, but it took A LOT of time and effort to rationalize and admit. 

It almost slipped past me. I nearly forgot all about it and place a new goal.

Now I guess I have to look myself in the mirror. I have no excuse not to be ok with my life. I am young. I am healthy. I have two arms. Two legs. My family is healthy. I have people that I love. I have people that love me. I am financially independent and free. 

Am I already there? That's hard to admit. We're so wired to "wanting" things, that focusing on what you "have" is actually super difficult.

My favorite movie of all time is `Fight Club`. I've seen it around 30 times. Not even kidding. Actually it's not even a film. It's a philosophy class. Alongside "The Matrix".

The main character is a scared individual, that is tied and clinging on to everything. His job. His boss. His house. His furniture. His salary. His life.

Then he meets Tyler. Tyler is everything our main character wanted to be. He can fight. He is fearless. He is confident. He is not tied to anything. He is free.

It turns out that the main character had schizophrenia and Tyler was the merely the other side of his double personality.

He was already Tyler. And he knew it deep inside him. He was just afraid to admit it. He was afraid to flip the switch.

Anyway, the main point is that it's hard to be who you want to be, even if it's just flipping a switch in your brain. It takes effort and courage.

I feel so much better now. I just realized that I'm living my dream! I am already there.

Maybe you are as well. Just pause and think about it before placing your next goal.

I know that making $1000/mo online is laughable. It is. But freedom is what I'm after, not zeros in my bank account. At least for now.

With my currect burn rate, life standards and needs, $1000 per month is more than enough.

I'm free.

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