May 24th, 2020 | So and so

A strange week. A 50/50 week. Half of the week was super productive. Doing exactly what I have to do.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I woke up at 07:00 AM and worked three hours before work. I also ran every day. Studied Italian. Read a book.

I'm reading "War of Art" at the moment. It's awesome. I'm going to finish it today.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were different though. I woke up late all those days. Don't know why. Don't know how.

I just hope I'm not getting comfortable. If I sense I'm getting nice and comfortable and cozy, I'll have to do something crazy to light a fire under my ass again.

Actually, tomorrow, on Monday, I'm planning to do something pretty crazy. Can't talk about it, yet. But I'll let you know when it happens. It should be enough to get me going again.

Next week it's the end of the month. What a month. Got into the $1k MRR club! But most importantly, I don't really care. Honestly. I don't even check ChartMogul anymore.

All I care about at the moment is doing what I know I have to do. Putting the reps in. Day in, day out. Like an athlete.

Please read "War of Art". It's fucking inspiring.

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