Day #108 | Books

Friday. Thank God it's Friday, right? Lol.

Yesterday I ditched a book I was reading. It's called "Skin in the game". It's a business book.

What I hate about some books, is that you can tell they are stretching what they want to say. They are trying to hit their desired number of words.

Like a tweet I once saw from Sahil from Gumroad: "Most books could be blog posts, most blog posts could be tweets."

I felt cheated, and ditched it. I also felt cheated with another book I started reading, called "Digital Minimalism".

Fuck self-help and business books. I'll start reading philosophy again, and classics in general.

The "Black Swan" principle. Ironically, the author of "Skin in the game" popularized it. It states that the amount of time something exists tells you how much longer it will exist.

For example, The Bible has existed for 2000 years. That means that it will most likely exist and be relevant in another 2000 years.

Digital Minimalism? It has only existed for ~5 years, so you can only be sure that it will be likely be relevant for another five.

What I want to say is, that if you read the classics, you can't really go wrong.

I always wanted to study stoicism, and that's what my next book is. But it's not some kind of 2017 book called "Stoic philosophy and a happy life". I picked the "Egchiridion" of Epictetus, the father of stoicsm from ancient greece. It's still the most relevant book!

As you can imagine, I will read this in Greek, not English :)

It's only ~30 pages, nothing crazy. I'll read that this week end.

Ok, sorry for that. Let's talk about work.

Today, I will reply to a LinkedIn message I have from a Remote Team building Founder. After that, I will answer a question on Quora like a do every day, and then start building my list of leads for next week. This week I outreached only 20 companies, and I got a few responses. If I up these numbers, I might have something interesting on my plate.