April 12th, 2020 | Direct Sales

Sunday is always a day I enjoy. Nice, chill, relaxing. Maybe drink a few beers on the balcony in the sun. Plan for the upcoming week. Excitement.

It can be sour though if what I planned the previous Sunday is not completed. Let me go and check what I said last week.

Ok I'm back. Here it is:

"I want is to answer a Quora question every single day, and also send 25 emails per day to schedule a feedback call."

I haven't answered a single Quora question this week, and haven't sent a single email.

At least I defined my target customer and gathered a list of companies I want to reach out to.

I also connected and messaged a few people on LinkedIn. But they haven't accepted yet.

Who checks their LinkedIn anyway? I don't, but I'm targeting sales people, maybe they do.

So I stopped and tried to see if I could get their emails. Now, that is truly hard! I instantly then went from 100 leads to about 20. If lucky.

Ok, I think I found my mistake. Blogging helps me get my thoughts in the right place. Here is the new plan.

Stop over optimising. Stop gathering emails and preparing your "hit list". Start firing away.

Connect with every one on LinkedIn. Leave a small note. Don't sell at all in the note. Just connect.

Then start chatting. Ask for feedback.

- A FEW HOURS LATER - (in sponge bob voice)

While writting this, someone accepted my request on LinkedIn and we had a nice long conversation through the chat. LinkedIn works :)

So. Recap.

Connect with 25 people every day. Answer one Quora question every day. Starting tomorrow.

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