May 14th, 2023 | What if you 10x your price?

A little thought experiment I love playing with:

What would my service look like if it cost $30k per month?

Here are some things that come to mind and would like to include:
1. Optimize client's LinkedIn and Twitter profile
2. Set up LinkedIn and Twitter posts for them
3. Podcasting and casual chats option
4. Work on offer to be “(SECRET - REMOVED)” oriented
5. Work on a freebie they can offer and also case studies with related companies and also mention that they have worked with relevant companies and also schedule dinner/coffee

Make it feel super super premium. The whole feel of it.

Unique and high end.

Ok, now...

Why don't you do this anyway?

And then raise your price to $4k per month with a 6 month engagement.

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