🎙 Mailman 1-2-3 Podcast With Alex West

Podcast description 🎤 💻

This podcast is only 10 minutes and consists of just 3 questions:
- 3 books you live by
- 2 people you admire
- 1 productivity hack

This was my favorite podcast appearance.

One of the reason might be that people are self centered and like to flex and show that they read books.

But another reason was how easy it was to do this podcast.

I am regularly asked to appear on podcasts, but almost all of them are vague and want to spend hours together chatting.

Most of us aren't Joe Rogan. No one has time for us. Especially when we don't have a large audience.

Make it short and simple. That way there are fewer objections.

Links & notes 🌎 💻

The episode is audio only.

You can listen to it here: 
- Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5SOdwerzMpVHgXmJ94AwsL

- Apple podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/br/podcast/3-2-1-alex-west-founder-of-cyberleads/id1555296623


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