Goals for 2022 ✨
Written in January, 2022

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📖 Text version:

Introduction 📕

There is no point in planning or settings goals if you never keep yourself accountable.

So let's recap 2021 first.

2021 Recap 🗓

Here's the TLDR version of my 2021 goals:

🏔 Philosophy: Life is boring. Not Instagram highlights. So just focus on making your daily life enjoyable.

👍 Results: I indeed made my daily life enjoyable. However I feel life needs a little spice and pepper. And that is by doing things out of the ordinary and your daily routine. Something I wanna add this year.

🛥 Mentality: No need to postpone your happiness. Most of the things I want need freedom, not money. So start living as a millionaire already.

👍 Results: I tried to live as if money wasn't a thing and I had a million dollars in my bank account. I did it, and I think this year I'll do even better.

🏢 Business Strategy: Keep things simple and think in levers. For example, 10X your traffic or 10X your price.

👍 Results: Nailed this one. Remained ultra focused and minimalist. I spent 10 months failing to 10x my traffic through SEO, but in the last couple of months I managed to find a new offering and 10x my price.

Lifestyle design: Work until lunch break. Stay fit. Do something creative like writing or recording podcasts.

👎 Results: Did the first two. Failed on the writing and podcast part.

🏆 Overall results:

All in all, I'd give this year a solid 8/10.


Minimalism is my way of life. And my strategy for 2022.

In business. In relationships. In life.

Do less. And do it better.

Less is more.

Life Minimalism 🧳

I'll go full nomad this year. And I'll continue living out of a single suitcase.

Honestly I feel calmer the fewer things I have.

I want one suitcase with physical things. And trucks full of memories.

That's the goal.

Business Minimalism

December changed everything for me.

I was working like crazy in the first two weeks.

Then, on the 17th, I flew from Italy to the UK to see my family. Upon arrival, I got very sick and was in bed for a week straight.

During that week, I didn't have the energy to do anything. Honestly, I was curled up in a ball, lying on the bed. Contemplating for 30 minutes if I have the strength to get up and walk to the bathroom.

But what I did was prepare a few tweets the first day, when I was still not completely worn down. I scheduled them for the week.

During that week, while I lying in bed in agony, my business skyrocketed. A couple of my tweets blew up and brought a lot of traffic.

This sickness turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It made me realize that I am overcomplicating everything.

Business strategy 📈

As I said in last year's yearly plans: "Business should be so simple that it pains you".

- One of my goals is to double down on what I have.

- My second goal is to diversify a little bit.

Double down on my newsletter and my service offering. And keep growing on Twitter.

And diversify just enough to feel safe and sleep like a baby.

Minimalistic Diversification ⚖️

No need for 17 streams of income. Or 10 acquitision channels. When it comes to diversification, 2 is my magic number.

💵 Diversification of offerings/businesses:

For me, that would be the newsletter and the service. No need to build another business or go crazy. I am already diversified enough.

📈 Diversification of acquitision channels:

For me, I have Twitter and word of mouth. However word of mouth is passive so I don't count it. I also failed with SEO. And affiliates are not sustainable. The most straight forward way to go about things would be to grow on LinkedIn. I know how social works. Maybe I could port my audience over.

👨‍⚖️ Diversification in life:

I already have two passports and two nationalities. And after what happened to me last year with Revolut freezing all my money, I have my money split in at least two bank accounts.

TODOs For 2022 ☑️

Ok now, let's get to the fun stuff.

Here are my TODOs for 2022:

☑️ TODO: Find a personal assistant 👩‍💻

I'd love to experiment with this.

☑️ TODO: Maybe find a contractor 👨‍💻

Get some help with mundane tasks. Async and remote.

☑️ TODO: Continue with personal trainer 💪

The results have been great. Super happy.

☑️ TODO: Find a therapist ❤️

Maybe I could do the same for my mental health.

☑️ TODO: Find a new accountant 🤓

Need a new accountant in Cyprus.

☑️ TODO: Find a new lawyer 👩‍💼

Need a new lawyer in Cyprus.

☑️ TODO: Open bank accounts 🏦

Not in Cyprus and not fintech apps. Old boring banks.

☑️ TODO: Maybe start investing 📈

Nothing crazy, just ETFs. And maybe a tiny amount in Crypto.

☑️ TODO: Double down on Twitter 🐦

Twitter has been the main driver of my business.

☑️ TODO: Diversify by growing on LinkedIn 💼

Overlaps perfectly with Twitter and is similar.

☑️ TODO: Keep writing on my personal blog ✍️

Will try to write more this year.

☑️ TODO: Restart the podcast 🎙

Travel the world and talk to interesting people.

☑️ TODO: Eyes correction, Tattoo 👀

Some things I've been postponing for years.

☑️ TODO: Spanish, Dancing, MMA 💼

Hobbies old and new.

☑️ TODO: Psychedelics & Hunting 🏹

Things I am curious to try.

☑️ TODO: Start giving back ❤️

It's been a year since I stopped giving money to charity.