My life in ten sentences

As you have probably guessed, my name is Alex.

I'm 27yo. Half English and half Greek. I was born in London and raised in Greece.

I love martial arts and used to compete in Muay Thai and kickboxing. My record is 6-2.

Growing up I wanted to study architecture or become a pro boxer. Somehow ended up in computer science.

Hated it at first. Crying and shit. But later I realized that it had to do with computers as much as astronomy has to do with telescopes. It's just the tool. And it's super creative.

Once I was hooked on tech, I tried building the next Facebook. Startup accelerators. Offices. Pitching VCs. All that jazz. Of course, I failed.

I realized I didn't want to go down that route, anyway. I don't have to become a billionaire. I'd be happy to be a "humble little" millionaire.

My new goal was to build a profitable tech business and earn my freedom. Fast forward three years full of tears and dissapointment, I managed to build a successful business and quit my job.

But now I have to work hard to mantain and improve this position I'm in.

That's my goal. To be my own boss for the rest of my life.